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Walking In Wholeness

On Episode #1 of The Cultivate & Bloom Show w/ Alaina O.

God our Creator is WHOLE in every way and He Created us to chase after His WHOLENESS, His character, not His stuff. In being God chasers we have an obligation to do the very things He do for us to others.

Purchase your copy of Do You Want To Be Made Whole? A Biblical Guide to Mastering Your Purpose.

The Benefits of Being Broken

Episode #2 Interview with Alaina O, of The Cultivate & Bloom Show.

Spiritual brokenness is something that is very important to God. Is is a cry to God that we trust Him for the plans He has for our lives. 

Spiritual brokenness at the hand of God is not as a punishment for sin, but as an invitation to wholeness. (Psalm 51:17). For more information purchase your copy "Do You Want To Be Made Whole?"

Who Is the Them?

We are the them that Jesus was speaking of on the cross when he said Father forgive them for they know not what they do Luke 23:34. Jesus look into the future to ask his Father to forgive the drug addict, the prostitute, the liar, thieves, whore mongers, etc...

Thank God Jesus blood still covers and forgives a multitude of sin.



It's Time For A Change

Luke 15:11-32

Steps to turn back to God

  1. Acknowledge-take ownership of your sins. Don't blame others for the issues of your heart.
  2. Repent-humble yourself and admit to God you have missed His mark for your life. Must come in agreement and align yourself with His precepts and instructions for your life.
  3. Return to the one who can forgive and fulfill all of your heart desires. Turn from those things that build a wedge between you and your Heavenly Father.
  4. Change begins with YOU!


In The Master's Hand

Luke 23:46

Whose hands are you trusting?

Whose hands are you putting your most valuable assets?

Whose hands are sharing your deepest, and intimate secrets?

Somethings are better off in the Hands of the Master!