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Posts by Dr. Sheila Bunton

Emerge from existing to Living!

Emerge from just existing to living!!! The Word of God commands for His people to be transformed (Romans 12:2). Are you ready to Emerge? The Greek word for transform is metamorphoō which means to change into another form, to transform, to transfigure. As followers and believers of Jesus Christ we have a responsibility to transform, emerge, change,…

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Crossroads- You Choose

Crossroad At some point or another in this thing called life we will come to crossroads in whee we will have to make some crucial decisions. In those crossroad moments we will have to make a decision to choose to stay on the road we are currently traveling or choose a different road to travel. …

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Helping yourself heal…Grace will get your there

“Self help” or so it is called in today’s pop culture is a misnomer.  No one is fully capable to help him or herself without the divine help of God.  I believe there are certain things that we are able to realize and work toward; however to attain true restoration, one must include The Creator…the…

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What is restoration?

What is restoration ? At Total Restoration Ministries, we believe that restoration has a number of definitions, and one of them will certainly fit any given situation in life: 1.  To return to its original state. 2.  To turn away from 3.  To change loyalty 4.  To repent

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