Anyone seeking wholeness, healing & purpose will find something they need at TRM.   

We specialize in providing guidance to those who are in difficult situations. 

Many have come to us with issues they have been dealing with and unable to find a resolution for years and have received both the clarity & tools necessary to transform their situation & their lives. 


Always Evolving

Thanks to the Internet, TRM is no longer limited by geography.  The ministry now has a global reach.  Please help us to expand, edify and empower. 


We strive to see the Body of Christ totally restored in their mind, body & soul by providing Restoration Centers where training, education, tools, resources, and equipment  is available to all, regardless of ability to pay.  

The Ministry

We take hurting people by the heart & hand to patiently facilitate the restoration of mind, body & soul through offering compassionate Biblical counseling & instruction.   


We exist to help Christians transition from a place of brokenness to a place of wholeness by applying biblical principles.


TRM Community

At TRM, God is at the center of it all. We minister wholeness by reminding our clients of God’s purpose for their personal lives.  We believe full restoration is possible, and that abundant life means a life free from all oppression, hurt and fear.

TRM endeavors to reach the community as Jesus commanded:  

  • Our home (Jerusalem) 
  • Our region (Judea) 
  • Our world (uttermost parts of the earth) 

With a message of hope, restoration and life changing peace.

The Total Restoration Ministries promise

You will come one way, but you are going out another! You will be mended, you will be transformed! You will receive the understanding & tools you need to build a lifestyle that’s conducive to who you were Called & Created by God to be! The precepts & life principles necessary to live your life according to the Word of God is available & waiting for you through this ministry…  
 If you are ready, REALLY ready,  

TRM Projects

  • RX3-Restore, Refresh, Renew Conference   
  • Walking, Believing Restoration Walk (W.B.R.)
  • Dallas Life Homeless Shelter (Mentor, teach Restoration Class) 
  • Jarvis Christian College 
  • Alopecia Areata Awareness Fundraiser Conference  
  • Empowerment Classes-“Grown Women Talk” 
  • Singles Conference  
  • Free Empowerment Conference –For The Homeless 

"Dr Sheila Bunton is a teacher, pastor, counselor who truly walks her talk! I met her at a time in my life when I needed some coaxing out of a hiding place. There have been more times than I can count when the Word of the Lord from her mouth was EXACTLY what I needed to see my way through and take another step on my journey. I'm also a witness to her selfless giving, knowing there have been times she has given to me out of her personal account things I know she needed herself. If you feel ANY inclination to work one on one with Dr B for individual or family counseling, do it! Seriously. Don't ignore that pull if it's there...please explore it. This Woman of God has an anointing on her life to pour into you, stretch you, and to help bring you into the fullness of who God created you to be!!! Soon you'll be saying like I do, "I love me some Dr B!"

Alaina Odessa

"Mrs. Sheila Bunton is a GOD giving miracle and so is the ministry God gave her, God knew it would take a faithful honorable and humble person to carry out this act of leadership, ministry, and friendship to others. God knew it would not be easy just like the journey to the cross but he still gave this woman of God the task of a life time. That is to lift up and encourage others to get closer to God and to know how to maneuver in this worldly society. Good has been good to my family and the ministry he has for us when it's time. My family and I thank God for putting Mrs Sheila Bunton into our path of life. She is a leading commander in the army of God and society. It is a blessing to be able to experience her teaching of restoration and godly living. We often over look people and things in a life time. We sometimes make promises to do a good deed or just to help others. We need GOD to push us into this box to carry out these acts of good faith. So I thank God and Dr. Sheila Bunton. Mark-6;11 And whosoever shall not receive you, nor hear you, when ye depart thence, shake off the dust under your feet for a testimony against them."

Frances Goodson

"Shelia, I just want to say I know GOD sent you to me and no matter how I fought it he made it happen because he knew what I needed. Since I lost my mom I have not been the same. I was mad at everybody and everything. You have helped me change and grow into the women that GOD wants me to be. Your counsel is healing my heart and my mind. I had bottled up my feeling and lost my voice and that was so not me. You have helped me find that person that I felt died when my mother passed last year. The fact that you keep it real and you come from the Bible made me respect you on a new even. I love the tools that you gave me and I will continue to use them. My life has changed and it is still changing. I am growing in GOD instead of trying to grow without GOD and the WORD. I'm going to continue my sessions because I need them. Just know you get to the ROOT (wink) and that's what was needed. GOD BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU!!"

Monique Burks

Get Started

If you’re ready to see & experience change in your life, getting started is simple.

Please complete the personal data inventory form in its entirety and then email it to Dr. B. Your confidentiality is always honored & upheld and you will receive a phone call within 24 hours.