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Energetic & Dynamic, Dr. B Will Leave Your Audience Ready for More

Dr. Bunton is passionate about helping to mend the broken and lend healing to the hurt. She is passionate about teaching groups how to find their way to a place of wholeness and freedom through living the Word of God.

You will walk away with a new zest for life, and a plan on how to move forward after past wrongdoings.

Engaging Keynotes

Dr. B. has a unique ability to help you break down your barriers to find clarity

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5 Steps To Restoration

Restoration starts when you take ownership you are not going in the direction God intended for your life.

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Change Is Necessary

Change is necessary in the life of every believer and follower of Jesus Christ.


Walking In Hesed

To walk in Hesed one must do what God does and love as God loves.

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Empowered To Win

Don't try to mimic or copycat someone else's idea, but rather use what's in "your" hands.


"Dr. Sheila Bunton is an anointed and profound foundational speaker, who has a rhema word for this time and season. Her teachings break down the true principle of the word of God and leave you with true guidelines in understanding the heart and mind of God. " She not only preaches sound doctrine, she gives biblical truths and demonstrates the word of God with power and authority.  Those that listen will receive what it is that is necessary for them to move forward and receive restoration, healing, and the deliverance from the things that hold them back.  Her message is this “If you be willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land.  The sound coming from her mouth is not just a sound over the microphone of a voice, but she truly ministers from her heart and her spirit. 

-- Prophetess Kristi Bradford 

"I have been in an audience of people several times listening to Dr. B speak and each and every time it's like she was talking directly to me. Hearing her exhort feels like an equal mix of being in a one-on-one counseling session and having your soul cut open by a master surgeon." She brings the people in her audience face to face with those tough questions we all have to answer to get to our next level in life, even as she reassures that with God as our security we are safe to take the journey. Dr B is a speaker who helps people actually make the moves they've been wanting to make for years. It's a very powerful & memorable experience. Period." Alaina Odessa, author and founder of Cultivate and Bloom Show

--Alaina Odessa

"Dr. Sheila Bunton is a prolific speaker with revelatory knowledge of the word of God. Her passion for people and motivation for lives to be changed, causes the delivery of God's word to captivate many! She is a mentoring and mending spiritual doctor with a dynamic message."

--Pastors Reginald & Stephanie Mauldin Shankle

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