Book: Do You Want To Be Made Whole


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God has a purpose for mankind, and we have been created to fit into His tailor-made frame. You may have only scratched the surface of living out your God-given purpose. Now, is the time to dig deeper. This book is intended to inspire, challenge, and encourage all followers of Christ Jesus to pursue biblical wholeness. Stop merely existing. Take action. Turn the pages of this book and master God’s purpose for your life. Dr. Sheila Bunton is the founder of Total Restoration Ministries. She is affectionately known to many as “The Mending Doctor.” Through biblical counseling and instruction, Dr. Bunton mends the broken, lends healing to the hurt and gives direction to the lost. Dr. Bunton earned her Doctorate of Philosophy in Biblical Counseling from Master’s Theological Research Institute. She is also an ordained Elder and a volunteer teacher and mentor at Dallas Life Homeless Shelter. By applying the principles of the living Word of God, Dr. Bunton’s passion is to exhort, encourage and inspire the broken to a place of wholeness and freedom. She resides in Texas with her husband Rickey and three children, ShaKyra, Rickey Jr., and Rachel. Dr. Bunton is the proud grandmother of two granddaughters, Madison and Myah, and two grandsons Julius and Jacob.


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